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DATACLin-CRO Training Division brings you a wide variety of courses customized to meet your exact needs.

Our courses range – from the essential topics in Clinical Research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to the highly specialized best practices in:


  • Clinical Data Management (CDM).
  • Clinical Operation (CO).
  • Medical Writing (MW).
  • Biostatistics (BS).
  • Pharmacovigilance (PV).
  • Health Economics, Market Access and Reimbursement (HEMAR).


To ensure meeting your expectations of providing training solutions that fit you in different situations,

we provide our training services through both; On-line Training and In-house Training.


On-line Training


DATACLin’s flexible online training provides a wide range of modules and packages that are suitable for people currently working in clinical research or those who are seeking to enter the industry. Our modules are designed as self-paced sessions that can be completed when convenient for employees.

DATACLin’s online services is a cost effective and efficient option that saves you from the need of travelling and its consequences – from travel expenses, time away from the office …etc.

DATACLin understands that the provision of strong training programs starts with the clear definition of goals and objectives which are rooted in the best instructional design practices. Our research-based methodology and our years of experience are used to design high-impact On-line courses.

By signing up for any of our online courses you will obtain access to our Learning Management System where you can learn and track individual or group performance.


In-house Training

In-house Training is an extremely cost-effective approach, in case of training groups of 8 or more.

By bringing quality content and instructors to your facility, transportation, hotel, and incidental costs for attendees are eliminated, allowing you to make the most of the limited training funds.

In-house Trainings can be scheduled at your staff’s convenience in order to accommodate schedules and maximize limited time resources.

DATACLin provides training management services that handle the entire process cycle – from course development, finding the right trainer/instructor, through organizing travel and accommodation to workbook production and delivering the training on-site.

Our courses material can be customized to incorporate your organization’s SOP and/or project information. In addition, accredited on-site training offerings can be provided, as per your request.

Investigator Meeting Services:

Investigator training is an ongoing area for concern, and the Investigator Meeting is an optimal place to address these concerns and to ensure that your site teams are in compliance. DATACLin can provide content or logistical support for your Investigator Meetings, including key compliance and process training that is tailored to your study protocol.

Upon submitting your training request, you are given the opportunity to select from a set of options that fully match your requirements in terms of experience, background, cost, location and language preference.


For more information on course content, training program development, instructors, and cost estimates, please contact Name at phone number or write to e-mail address